Simple Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas is a magical time of year, and it’s the holiday where more people are likely to decorate their homes. You can create an inviting, festive holiday landscape without having to break the bank or go over the top.

Let’s take a look a some classics as well as a few more creative Christmas decorating ideas for your home and yard.

outdoor christmas wreath and lightingWreaths

Traditional decorations like wreaths and garland are always a popular choice, and easy to implement. Wreaths can be live or artificial, and the fun thing is that they come in all sizes, colors, and schemes.

Wreaths can easily either be bought or homemade with items from a craft store. Local artisans can also make custom wreaths to match your decor. Check out your social media to see who’s up to some holiday crafting this season!

Adding wreaths to windows and front door creates a cohesive look without a lot of effort. Battery light packs can add to their beauty. Using bows or ribbons can add a bit of color as well.

Winter Paraphernalia For the Win

Consider using some weather-hardy winter toys, or even sporting equipment like old wooden sleds, skis, and ice skates. These objects can be used as non-traditional decor.

The fun thing about unusual “props” as decoration is that you’re left with plenty of room to embellish with a color theme or some other visual accent to boost the aesthetic. Even an old wagon can be used to hold plants or fake presents.

red and white poinsettiasPoinsettias

Ah, the classic poinsettia. These lovelies are a traditional Christmas plant that can add a pop of bright red color to your porch or walkway. They can be real or artificial, depending on your personal taste and local climate.

Poinsettias actually thrive in cold, dark environments. This is good to know in the moderate winters of the North Texas region. If you plan to nurture some live poinsettias through the winter, be sure you bring them in to a garage, pantry, or storage shed during those random warms spells we get at times.

Pine Trees

Miniature pine trees can easily be added to outdoor planters for a fragrant winter accent to your yard. If placed close to the house, they can be lit with light strands to create a miniature Christmas tree.

You can also accessorize with pinecones or small ornaments. Plant the pine trees in the ground after the season for sustainable landscaping.

install christmas lights installation setupLighting

Lights are the most common decorating item for the holidays, as they brighten the long winter evenings. Everyone knows the classing light strings that outline a home or hang ornamentally from trees and shrubs.

Our article about Beautiful Christmas Decor for Outdoors. has even more fantastic ideas about holiday lighting.

A fun deviation from the classic design is meteor lights. They hang from tree limbs and offer a blinking pattern that imitates downward movement like a meteor shower.

As always, you can line roofs, windows, and doors with lights. Lanterns can also line walkways and driveways to light paths. Please check out the Christmas Lighting Installation service page to learn how our friends at Ryno Lawn Care can assist you with the final touches to your holiday decorations.

More Non-Traditional Ideas

If you’re expecting a fairly dry winter, you can decorate outdoor furniture with holiday pillows and blankets. Add festive centerpieces to bistro tables and other outdoor surfaces. Battery-operated candles can add a warm glow safely without the worry of a live flame.

Non-traditional colors like blues, purples, or multi-colored decor can help your house stand out from all the reds and greens commonly used. Black and white are also fun options to change up from the norm.

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Adding an outdoor tree is a fun way to bring the holiday spirit to your yard or front porch. It can be decorated with lights and ornaments, and fake presents can even be placed underneath to add to the scene.

Inflatable decor has become very popular in the last few years. You can find them for almost any character, theme, or scene. They can be plugged in and lit with lights for a fast and easy decoration.

Even if you don’t live in an area that gets much or any snow, you can still create the illusion of a winter wonderland. Spray fake snow on windows to create the look of frost. Flocked greenery and garlands, or even trees, give the appearance of snow-covered branches with fake snow.

Lights on tree outdoorsA Few Considerations

Be aware of weather conditions that can potentially damage any decorations you put out. Move stuff indoors when storms or strong winds are expected. Stake down your yard decor to keep it from blowing away. There are even specialized fasteners for tree lighting.

There are options for any budget, timeline, or style. Look at ideas and pictures online for inspiration and find your own personal style. Involve the whole family when making choices and doing the work. Most importantly, have fun and be safe when putting up holiday decor.

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