Weed Control

SodGods is here to help you get rid of intrusive weeds. Call us or visit us online for a free lawn care quote and some expert advice on how to keep your grass looking gorgeous.

Not all weeds are dandelions and crabgrass. Did you know that a “weed” is simply a fast-growing species that creates competition for surrounding vegetation? Some attractive and well-liked plants, such as bamboo, are actually considered weeds due to their rapid propagation.

The problem arises from how aggressively unwelcome weeds can take over your lawn or garden. The trick is to set up a parameter you want to protect from invasive species, and then use the right products and equipment to do so.

SodGods is here to help you attack common foes like dandelions, as well as your more unlikely intruders like peas and bindweed. Depending on the invasion you’re facing, we can help you determine whether to choose a garden-variety fertilizer, or if you should select something more specialized.

Lawn fertilization is a key component to weed control, because a dense bed of grass is less likely to allow intruders to take root. We have several weed-and-feed products available to keep your yard healthy.

For spot-treatment, the two easiest options are manual removal and liquid herbicide. Spray-on applications can be used directly from the bottle, or attached to your hose. If you’re using a hand trowel, be sure you get the entire root system out of the soil to avoid regrowth.

Whether it’s a few trouble patches or a full-on yard invasion, or lawn pros will steer you toward the right products and methods for effective weed control


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