Why Hardscape? DIY Ideas on Grass-Free Landscaping

paving stones hardscapingHardscaping is the use of materials, as ground cover, that don’t include any ongoing plant growth. As we become more conscious of conserving both our energy and resources, alternative landscaping continues to gain popularity. Whether it’s mulch, gravel, paving stones, river rocks, or some other material- this trend continues to gain momentum.

And while The Sod Gods are always in support of any lawn care needs you may have, we also champion the benefits of sustaining a beautiful yard while minimizing the unnecessary use of precious resources.

So, why look into hardscaping to begin with?

Maybe you’re tired of your water bill breaking the bank every summer just to keep your grass green. (How to Keep Your Lawn Healthy and Fertilized in the Summertime has some great tips on this, by the way.) Maybe you’d like to cut back on the time and cost of upkeep with your ground cover, so you can focus on cultivating your garden.

Maybe that seed you spread on the dry spots last season just didn’t take, and you’re sick of nursing an ever-yellow lawn with no relief in sight. Maybe you just- quite literally- want a change of scenery! As always, we’ve got you covered.

As always, we’ve got you covered. Let’s explore some of the main reasons why people hardscapes as a landscaping alternative to grass turf.

Benefits of Hardscaping

Low-Maintenance Lawn

Hardscaping is wonderfully low-maintenance. Because the materials don’t need to be cultivated, any stretch of yard which you’ve chosen to hardscape will cut back on your water bill. Sure, the materials will need to be rinsed down once in awhile, adjacent plant life will still require irrigation. Otherwise, this is a fantastic way to cut back on water, as well as the time it takes to mow grass and prune vegetation. 

Landscape Sectioning

Hardscaping breaks your lawn into beautifully defined sections. Let’s say you’ve got a couple of flower beds, a section in which you’re growing vegetables, a stretch of shrubbery, and a patch of lawn turf for the kids and animals to enjoy. That, friends, is a well-portioned yard. Hardscaping is a beautiful way to further define those perimeters while effectively addressing those odd spots that are either too small for a garden or too narrow for convenient mowing.

Foot Traffic

Hardscaping can also direct traffic, so to speak, in a yard that has a lot going on. Consider the scenario we just painted, but add a pool and a gazebo. Let’s make sure you’ve got some handy pathways that guide people between various points of interest. Let’s also make sure the pool deck is surrounded by a barrier of landscape rocks, to avoid oversaturated grass that becomes prone to lawn diseases. 

Weed Control

Hardscaping drastically reduces the spread of weeds. If the ground is fully covered with materials that won’t let a single seed sprout, your time and labor with weed control is vastly reduced. Furthermore, even if you do still have a stretch of lush green lawn, a patch of hardscaping still cuts back on the overall potential of weed cultivation. 

stones around gardenStructural Benefits

Hardscapes can actually benefit your home. We all know the potential hazards of runoff in the immediate perimeters around your house, as well as the low spots in your yard. If these vulnerable areas are dressed with hardscaping, you’re automatically increasing the longevity of your home’s structure while, decreasing the risk of lawn disease due to pooling water. 

Expand Your Space

Hardscaping expand your outdoor living space. Sure, we all love that wonderful feeling of grass beneath our bare feet! But expanding your deck area with paving stones, or broadening the base of your porch with a collage of well-placed bricks, can happily add a few chairs for evening guests and outdoor relaxation. 


Hardscaping increases the function of your space. Alongside the idea of expanding your terrain in which to entertain, what about that grill you’ve got stuffed into the corner? Hardscaping provides additional real estate for outdoor cooking, as well as larger accessories like a chimnea or fire pit. 

Curb Appeal

Hardscaping enhance curb appeal, which is fantastic if you’re looking to sell your home. Languishing front yard? No prob! Fill in those dry patches with a bed of rocks or mulch. Your future buyers will thank you for offering a low-cost landscape that’s already attractive. 


Hardscaping is a wonderfully low-maintenance alternative to keeping up with a vast spread of green grass. It offers myriad benefits, from reduced irrigation, to weed control, to broadening your entertainment options outdoors, and even protecting your home and lawn.

This project may seem like a sizeable endeavor, but there are plenty of resources available at your local garden shop and quarry distributor. It will pay for itself in no time with the costs you cut out regarding irrigation and upkeep.

Click here now for a free estimate from the Sod Gods, for help wtih any of your lawn care projects!

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